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Our sucessful projects.

Skyhouse, Logic city center Mall, Noida

Yes! It is not a new name to the city anymore and within a month of its launch at Logix Mall, Noida, it has become the ultimate hub of all those party bees who are constantly hunting for the quintessential place to party and hang out.

The Cafe is studded with fabulous ambience where it has both indoor and outdoor seating along with tremendous space so you can breathe in or breathe out (pun intended!), and you never have to worry about bringing as many friends on board. The people have exhausted their cravings but with the satiating food of the place, they always have a place for the cafe’s multi-cuisine menu where it covers all kinds of dishes; from Italian to Tandoori to Chinese. Wait! the list of features of the club are not over yet, the blend of drinks at this place is a wonderful experience in itself. With stellar reviews and performances, the co-owner of the place Swatantra is proud and said, “Skyhouse has become one of a kind place with just a twinkling of an eye. We put our heart and soul to craft everything that is put out and the response is nothing less than overwhelming.” If you haven’t already been to Skyhouse then this is the place to be. Next time you plan a party, make this cafe and bar your destination.

The Smoke Factory, Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida

Several Facets that Fascinate Just in One Place Hukkah, food, acoustic nights, drinks and a desirably serene ambience is all that one would experience at the Smoke Factory. What more could one desire for to have a pleasant evening with friends? What more can one wish for to feel enthralled after an extremely tedious week? The Smoke factory, at Gardens galleria, is absolutely the right place to experience all the pleasure at once to have a good evening, in the truest sense. Mr. Priykant, the co-owner says, “ The Smoke Factory is ready to rewrite the way Noida eats, drinks and hangs out. We take pride in introducing this outlet with different concepts, which will cater to people of all age groups and different palette interest. Co-owner, Mr. Swatantra says “We are delighted by the enthusiasm of Noida people have shown towards us and would continue to offer a unique experience at our new outlet to be opened soon at Logic Mall, Noida”. For sure, the words have been kept and meant in the truest sense by the hospitable and the well planned staff and managers of The Smoke Factory. Right from the food to the ambience, there has been nothing that has disappointed the guests. Everything has been carefully considered and taken care of for the benefit and the happiness of the guests. From the list of the most interesting flavors in hukkah, choose the one that attracts you, for all the flavors listed down has a magic of its own. Solo fillet, smoked Chicken Bruschetta , chicken paneer tikka, dahi kebabs and the thin crust pizzas of this place is most appreciated and reviewed about. To top the enjoyment of the smoke and the delicious food, drinks always make to be the best companion. The acoustic nights arranged for the entertainment of the guests turn out to be one of the major attractions for this place. The ambience is the part that can only be felt not by words but by experience. The dim lit environment seems to be adding on to the intoxication of the aura and the ambience of the place. The main reason for which people end up spending their evenings here at Smoke Factory is the terrific combination of all the elements that one wishes for the most, to spend some quality time with their dear ones. So here are all the slight expectations that you can have from the Smoke Factory? Go with huge expectations and come back with a satiated hunger and a rejuvenated mind. Think less. Plan without a thought for an evening at the Smoke Factory. Have an impeccably enchanting experience that would remain forever etched in your mind.

Our Upcoming projects:

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  • Skyhouse, Indirapuram Habitat Center
  • Skyhouse, Lotus Aistes, Sector 104, Noida
  • Skyhouse Mela, Gaur city Center, Noida Extension
  • Chatori, Gaur City Mall, Noida Extension
  • The Smoke Factory, Spectrum, Sector 71, Noida

To sum it up, Abris Hospitality knows the value of a dream as it’s our dream to help other dreamers. Join hands with us so that we could achieve dreams, TOGETHER.